The newest story from Oklahoma author Landon L. Rogers reaches the number #1 spot on Amazon’s New Release in the Poetry Category.

About the book;

“A Magician Named Morality is a riveting story….”
“From ancient civilizations, and modern-day mysteries, to esoteric poems, this book has it all!”
“Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you questioning the very fabric of reality itself!”

After acclaimed Psychiatrist Dr. Nolan Ergos goes missing following a session with a maniacal man who claims to be an ancient magician, Carlo Giuseppe sets out to discover what happened. Giuseppe finds Dr. Nolan’s journal and reads firsthand of Nolan’s descent into madness and magic in a fascinating adventure that makes everyone involved question the fabric of reality.
Dr. Nolan Ergos is transported back though time and witnesses the Devolatum, evil bird-like creatures, as they portend destruction ahead of historical events like the Great Plague, the Black Death, and the Dancing Plague of 1518. His eyes are opened to see the world as it really was.
Are you ready to see the truth too?
Do you believe in magic?

The book is available on Amazon now!