Author: Landon

Rock and Roll Musician Landon L. Rogeres Releases New Song ‘Good Vibes’

Landon L. Rogers’ latest single, “Good Vibes,” is a breath of fresh air in the music scene. With its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, the song is a true embodiment of its title, radiating positivity and good energy. Rogers’ smooth vocals glide over the light-hearted melody, creating an infectious rhythm that makes you want to tap your feet and sing along.

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Oklahoma Musician Landon L. Rogers Releases New Single Living in the Clouds!

In ‘Living in the Clouds’, Landon effortlessly channels the timeless allure of classic Americana, infusing it with a modern twist that speaks to the soul of a new generation. Through his music, he paints a picture of endless horizons and boundless possibilities, where every note is a step closer to freedom and every chord change is a declaration of independence.

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