I discussed the subject of Heliobiology in a recent interview with Dr. Mel.

What inspired you to author this book?

Well, it has always been one of my aspirations to write a Victorian romance novel, which is what this is in many facets, but I wanted to wait until I had something unique to offer to the genre. I had written several Maxwell Mysteries and completed my first book, A Year of Plague, and the idea of Victorian romance came back.

Now, everything can be connected. This is one of my peculiarities is that I notice correlations, synchronicities, etc., so at the time, I was reviewing several studies regarding neuroplasticity, melatonin monochromatic mediation, and the effects of radiation on the pineal gland. The most common denominator was the Sun, and after searching, I realized that an entire group of people are sensitive to the Sun and its subsequent solar flares. As advanced as some of our medicine and science is, we are only beginning to understand some of the intricacies of heliobiology and heliogeology, the way the sun affects our bodies and planet.

Of course, the greatest solar flare ever recorded happened in 1859, when Richard Carrington proved the existence of solar flares by recording the most dramatic one in recent history. I took a closer look at the year 1859. It was one of dramatic upheaval in both the physical and spiritual. It was a pivotal year for mankind. I was immediately enraptured by the zeitgeist of the year when it seemed so many things were being challenged.

Heliobiology is a subject astonishingly ignored by mainstream outlets, and we have to wonder why? Our sun lies in the center of our universe, dictating and interfering with nearly every facet of physics, astronomy geology and the like, but regarding our health, it is immediately omitted. To link our health with solar flares and proton events is only logical, and I am happy to offer a glimpse of such happenings in my book 1859. Even though 1859 is, at its core, a romance novel interwoven with the tale of cultural and existential exegesis, there is also an unavoidable parley with Heliobiology.

Every ancient culture knew the sun had a vital impact on our health, when will our culture catch up?